Clarendelle Bordeaux White

Clarendelle Bordeaux White is inspired by the subtle structure of Domaine Clarence Dillon white wines, containing the unique mystery of its rare and illustrious cousins. Clarendelle Bordeaux White is a delicate blend of two traditional Bordeaux varietals, Sémillon and Sauvignon, to which, in some years, a flourish of Muscadelle may be added.

Tasting notes

Clear and brilliant pale-yellow colour. A complex array of aromas dominated by floral notes of hawthorn, lime blossom and honeysuckle.

Tropical fruit and citrus flavours come to the fore on the palate.

Notes of lemon, pineapple and grapefruit emerge, mingled with nuances of fleshy fruit such as pear and lychee.

Very delicious, round and opulent on the palate, with wonderful minerality. The overall impression is of a very fruity wine.

The incredibly long aftertaste showcases the complexity of this wine, with ripe fruit flavours balanced out by a lovely vivaciousness.

All in all, this Clarendelle Bordeaux Blanc is a gourmet, refined wine with a great deal of tension and elegance.


Everything started with a mild, dry winter, leading to an early bud-break. There were a few worrying spring frosts, but they were kept under control and caused little damage, and the rest of the season was mild and damp, with no disease pressure. Flowering went very well and was completed very quickly, under hot, dry conditions. The vines were very healthy and the grapes set well, opening up the prospect of a very good vintage. The plentiful water reserves from 2021 and the Mediterranean origin of grapevines enabled them to resist the very hot, dry summer weather.

Two storms in August stimulated the final ripening of the grapes.

Despite these conditions, all the wines are good, richly-coloured, and fruity, and most of them are outstanding. The only downside is that we do not have more of them!

A few figures


    Ideal temperature: 10 – 12.5°C.

    This wine can be served immediately after uncorking, without decanting.


    55% Sauvignon Blanc

    26% Sémillon

    19% Muscadelle