Uncompromising excellence

Born into a culture deeply rooted in a century of prestigious estate wine blending, Clarendelle benefits from the expertise and knowhow of a First Growth winemaking team.

A committed team benefiting from
Domaine Clarence Dillon exceptional know-how.

Nathalie Bassot-Dworkin

Director of Operations

Her passion for wine came from aromatics: having studied chemistry and biochemistry, Nathalie Bassot-Dworkin was destined for a career in perfumery. After a Master’s Degree in oenology and ampelology, she developed a great interest for the wine industry and took the National Oenology Diploma in 1993. She spent a few years working in the Sauternes area and then entered the world of the wine trade. Nine years later, in 2006, she joined Clarence Dillon Wines as head of production for Clarendelle. Over the vintages, she has formed and developed a bond of trust with the partner winegrowers. She is truly a craftswoman and ambassador of the Clarendelle style. Each year she creates the blend of the range of Clarendelle wines, supervised by the oenologists of Domaine Clarence Dillon. 

Jean-Philippe Masclef

Technical Director

Two roles, two complementary passions. A scientist and oenologist, he works in tandem with the Director of Operations, like a composer and a librettist, to create the new partition of Clarendelle wines every year. For Jean-Philippe Masclef, a great wine is one you remember. He and his team focus on perfection, as if they were creating a new opera year after year.

Jean-Philippe Delmas

Deputy Managing Director – wines and estates

Behind this slightly austere title is a man devoted to his art. Jean-Philippe Delmas, the third generation of his family in charge of producing Domaine Clarence Dillon wines, tells a new story every year for Clarendelle wines as well. A true wine artist, he uses the material that nature and the human work have provided throughout the seasons to create all the wines that today make Domaine Clarence Dillon’s reputation in the world.

The art of blending

Every year, we revisit the blends in order to reflect only the finest parcels of wine in each individual vintage from long-term partnerships with local winegrowers. The red wines come primarily from the Saint-Émilion the Haut-Medoc, and the Pessac-Leognan regions (including the Domaine Clarence Dillon estates). The white wine comes mainly from the Graves region (including Pessac-Leognan). Like the Haut-Brion wines, Clarendelle offers its assurance by representing an uncompromising quality and consistency with every vintage. Ageing is ensured in our state-of-the-art eco-friendly wine storerooms, allowing cellaring and appropriate ageing ensure that our wines come to reveal their natural refinement and elegance.