Clarendelle Amberwine

The character and subtle structure of Clarendelle Amberwine comes from the combination of two types of grape maturation, Botrytis Cinerea (the grapes develop noble rot as in Sauternes) and late harvest. Amberwine takes its name from the magnificent “amber” colour that it takes on as it ages. Amberwine is a blend of Semillon and Muscadelle grapes. This charming, accessible and modern wine is distinguished by its freshness and its intrinsic balance of floral fruit and acidity.

Tasting notes

2015 Amberwine is made from raisined and botrytised organically-grown grapes. The wine has a bright golden-yellow colour.

The combination of two types of grapes accounts for the wonderful complexity on both the nose and palate. The bouquet is subtle and intense, with hints of candied fruit and citron. The palate is full-bodied and soft, with a fine balance between sugar and acidity. There are wonderful honey, white peach, and apricot flavours. This 2015 is a golden vintage, one of the best of the past decade!


Ideal weather during the growing season was conducive to the quick and widespread development of Botrytis cinerea, and the harvest in Monbazillac was of superb quality. This was largely thanks to even flowering, a little rain in early August that brought on ripening after a dry period, and cool mornings in September accompanied by patches of fog.

A few figures

  • Serving suggestions

    Serving temperature: 9°- 12°C


    We suggest opening the bottle a half hour before serving.

  • Grapes varieties

    80 % Sémillon
    20 % Muscadelle

  • Alcohol by volume


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