Clarendelle Bordeaux White

Clarendelle Bordeaux White is inspired by the subtle structure of Domaine Clarence Dillon white wines, containing the unique mystery of its rare and illustrious cousins. Clarendelle Bordeaux White is a delicate blend of two traditional Bordeaux varietals, Sémillon and Sauvignon, to which, in some years, a flourish of Muscadelle may be added.

Tasting notes

Brilliant, intense yellow colour.
The complex nose reveals Sauvignon Blanc’s plethora of aromas, ranging from boxwood to tropical fruit and an array of citrus notes. The Muscadelle wines are a beautiful golden colour, contributing hints of rose and lychee to the final blend.
Starts out delicious, round and rich on the palate, balanced out by wonderful minerality. The overall impression is of a fruity, powerful wine with notes of lemon and fresh pineapple, enhanced by a rich, velvety mouthfeel and a slightly toasty, silky texture.
The long aftertaste showcases the complexity of this wine, with ripe fruit notes following through to the finish.
These modern wines boast high acidity, conferring good tension and length on the palate.
All in all, a gourmet, refined wine with a great deal of elegance.


The 2021 vintage was shaped by the whims of nature. Cold spells during spring set the tone, followed by consistently high rainfall throughout the growth cycle, resulting in an unprecedented threat of vine diseases. The weather warmed up somewhat in late spring, with temperatures conducive to good ripening.
The broadly “cool” summer yielded grapes with promising acidity levels, making for attractive, fruity and aromatic wines.
These distinctive conditions were propitious to a great vintage for the whites, with complex, aromatic wines underpinned by wonderful freshness and reasonable alcohol levels.

A few figures

  • Serving suggestions

    Ideal temperature: 10 – 12.5°C.


    This wine can be served immediately after uncorking, without decanting.

  • Grapes varieties

    43% Sauvignon Blanc
    32% Sémillon
    25% Muscadelle

  • Alcohol by volume